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Gun Props for the movie industry, re-enactor community, wall display and any other use you have. These are really great reproductions of the great firearms of WWII and beyond. They have no moving parts and are made from a solid resin material. If you are into WWII recreations or simply want to have a great looking gun hanging on your wall, these are what you want. We have many models of prop guns from WWII like, the M1 Garand (according to General George Patton, the greatest battle implement ever devised), the Thompson M1A submachine gun, Tommy gun submachine gun, The BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle), the 1911 Colt Pistol, the German Luger, STG44 (MP44) and for added variety we will have prop guns from other military eras.

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M3 Grease gun was the replacement for the Thompson Submachine gun.


M1 Carbine semi-automatic rifle for NCOs' and Officers The M1 Carbine was a solid design manufactured by GM's headlight division Inland, IBM typewriter company, Rockola Jukebox company, Winchester and a couple of others. Designed by a former inmate, the M1 Carbine was under slightly powered, not having the stopping power GI's were used to with the Thompson, BAR and Garand. It was still a very effective weapon being both light in weight and effective in use. More M1 Carbines were made than any other small arm rifle during WWII.



M1 Garand semi-automatic battle rifle prop gun. The only semi-automatic battle rifle generally issued  during WWII. Germany issued a semi-auto rifle in the G43 with little success due to limited production. The US GI could fire 8 rounds without having to do any more than pull the trigger. Meanwhile the German soldiers were still using the K98 bolt action Mauser which required charging the bolt after every round. General George Patton referred to the Garand as " The greatest battle implement ever devised". The Garand, named for it's designer John Garand, truly was key to the triumph of the US military in WWII


Thompson submachine gun, better know as the Tommy gun. This gun was popular in WWII as well as it's familiar popularity with the gangsters of the 1920's like Baby Face Nelson, Dillinger and Al Capone. Designed by John Thompson an American military officer this was one of the most popular firearms of WWII. The drum magazine provided an fire capacity that was unmatched in the submachine gun platform until the introduction of the Russian PPSH.


Thompson M1A submachine gun, also know as the trench gun was the first submachine gun the world ever knew. Designed by John Thompson an American military officer this was one of the most popular firearms of WWII. Many GI's remember the secure feeling the had when advancing on a fixed position under the covering fire of the Thompson M1A Submachine gun.


BAR Browning Automatic Rifle the squad assault rifle of WWII. This rifle was also the choice of Clyde Barrow of Bonnie & Clyde fame, used in their notorious careers. This firearm was designed by John Browning the unequalled designer of many of the US military weapons of WWI and WWII



M2 .50 caliber Machinegun The old "Ma Deuce" This machinegun is still in use by the US military and there is no end in sight for it's effectiveness. This gun was designed by John Browning and was the machine gun mounted in US aircraft and Sherman tanks during WWII. You just can't seem to beat a John Browning design


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Colt 1911 the sidearm of the American military from WWI till the mid 1980's and now making a comeback with updated features due to it's dependability and stopping power. This is another enduring design from John Browning. Truly dependable you can throw this thing in the mud, pick it up and fire it without cleaning.


German STG44 know as the MP44 the first true assault rifle the world ever knew. Truly an innovative design, ahead of it's time. Many claim that this is the design basis for the AK47, designed by Kalashnikov from captured German examples. There are however many differences in the design.


German Luger Pistol This was the weapon of the German career military officers. A solid design, this pistol is truly representative of WWII firearms. Even when the P38 was available and issued German officers preferred the Luger. It was also the most popular souvenir of American GI's during WWII


A couple of guns from the late 40's and 50's


M14 Battle Rifle This is the US Army's replacement for the beloved M1 Garand. Based on the Garand it is basically an M1 Garand with a removable magazine. There are other improvements but basically it operates on the same platform as the Garand. My father related to me how disappointed he was when they took his M1 Garand and gave him his first M14. The rifle is really uncontrollable in the full-automatic mode due to the .3006 caliber bullet. Used in Korea and Viet Nam until being replaced by the M16 designed by Gene Stoner at Armalite.


AK47 This is claimed by many to be the most dependable assault rifle ever. Mikaeil Kalasnikov, an enlisted man within the Soviet military designed this assault rifle for which he received a medal. The AK47 is and has been the choice of rebels and terrorists the world over due to it's cheap manufacturing cost and reliability. This assault rifle has been responsible for more deaths than any other firearm in history.




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