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These are wet transfer decals and at the bottom of this page you will find application instructions for applying the decals.

Eagle & Swastika Helmet Decal German Helmet Decal $3.50


Luftwaffe Helmet Decal German Luftwaffe Helmet Decal Set


German Police Helmet Decal German Feldgendarme Helmet Decal $3.50

Swastika Helmet Decal German Swastika Sheild Helmet Decal $3.50

SS Helmet Decal German SS Helmet Decal $3.50

Tri-Color Helmet Decal German Tri-Color Helmet Decal $3.50


Helmet Decals 

Application Instructions


Before application make sure surface where decal is to be applied is clean and free of dirt.

1)    Trim decal with sharp scissors or a razor knife.

2)    Place decal in warm (not hot) water for 15 to 20 seconds

3)    Place decal next to place of desired application and gently slide off backing paper into position

4)    Try not to rub the decal any more than necessary because this can tear the decal.

5)   Once in place and when decal is completely dry you will achieve best results if you apply a coat of clear topcoat such as Testors clear topcoat.  (Do not use Krylon clear coat or polyurethane because they attack the ink in the decal)

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