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In this section you will find German military uniform sets and other clothing items from both the Wehrmacht, Heer, Luftwaffe, SS and Waffen SS in both enlisted and officer types. We have Panzer crew uniform sets, Fallschrimjager jump smocks, Anoraks, Camouflage uniforms and other items.

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Enlisted Man M36 Summer Canvas Uniform Set Enlisted Man M36 Winter Wool Uniform Set
RE M36 1.jpg (37870 bytes) RE M36 2.jpg (37868 bytes) RE M36 1.jpg (37870 bytes) RE M36 2.jpg (37868 bytes) RE M36 3.jpg (20893 bytes) RE M36 4.jpg (35291 bytes) RE M36 5.jpg (32432 bytes)
$199.95 $199.95

Enlisted Man HEER Panzer Black Wrap Uniform Set Enlisted Man Waffen SS Oak Leaf Camo Panzer Wrap Uniform Set
Oak Leaf Wrap.jpg (29913 bytes) Oak Leaf Wrap 2.jpg (27650 bytes) Oak Leaf Wrap 3.jpg (32992 bytes) Oak Leaf Wrap 5.jpg (29053 bytes) Oak Leaf Wrap4.jpg (28266 bytes)
$199.95 $199.95

SS  Panzer Officer Black Wrap Uniform Set

(Insignia not included)

Winter Version made of heavy wool

Fallschrimjager Jump Smock
RE PANZER JACKET OFFICEDRjpg.jpg (29957 bytes) RE PANZER JACKET INSIDE.jpg (30604 bytes) RE PANZER JACKET SIDE.jpg (37063 bytes) RE PANZER PANTS.jpg (25185 bytes) Fallshirmjager Jumpsuit.jpg (17580 bytes) Fallshirmjager Jumpsuit 2.jpg (17106 bytes) Fallshirmjager Jumpsuit 3.jpg (19968 bytes) Fallshirmjager Jumpsuit 4.jpg (16875 bytes) Fallshirmjager Jumpsuit 5.jpg (16599 bytes)
$199.95 $129.95

M32 Black SS Uniform Set SS Smock
M32 Waffen Front copy.jpg (55311 bytes) M32 Waffen Back copy.jpg (49369 bytes) M32 Waffen Lining copy.jpg (55742 bytes) M32 Waffen Trousers Front copy.jpg (63937 bytes) M32 Waffen Trousers Back copy.jpg (72053 bytes) RE GERMAN SMOCK.jpg (59959 bytes) RE GERMAN SMOCK 2.jpg (58670 bytes)
$199.95  $109.95


M1942 Mountain Anorak Windbluse Giberjagers M36 Officer Uniform Set
RE M36 GERMAN JACKET.jpg (32932 bytes) RE M36 GERMAN JACKET INSIDE.jpg (43382 bytes) RE M36 GERMAN JACKET BACK.jpg (32809 bytes) RE M36 GERMAN JACKET CUFF.jpg (34233 bytes) RE M36 GERMAN TROUSERS.jpg (36335 bytes)
$109.95 $219.95


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